DAY ONE! The most important day of your musical life

The day you decide that you’re going to learn to play guitar is the most important day in your musical life.  On that day you will decide upon a path, a path to learning to play an instrument that along with it’s complexity is very versatile.  This path will determine your musical confidence for a long time to come.

There are many paths to choose from. Nearly all those paths start with trying to learn an “easy” song or two.  These paths will play a part in your growth as a musician but can one learn to run before one learns to walk?  This approach usually discourages players and can be a major detour in their path.

My approach to teaching guitar is different.  The path I put you on is not one that will teach you a song but rather train you to play the instrument, the guitar. Once you can play the instrument, learning a song is no longer such a great task.  You may find parts of a song challenging but after SeriesONE Guitar Training you will know how to conquer the task without needing help from anyone. Knowing the instrument makes playing the song about playing the song.

“Knowing the instrument makes playing the song about playing the song. ”

Stephen Fox

SeriesONE Guitar Training takes around six months, if you apply yourself and put in the effort. After you’ve completed SeriesONE Guitar Training you find that training is continuous.  Professional players train every day.  Their warm-up is usually a training exercise.  They likely put in hours of training every week to keep and sharpen their edge.   

After you train yourself to play the guitar then it’s time to look for songs on YouTube and other places. And after you have developed some skill through training you will find that all of a sudden you have a knack for learning to play songs.

What Will You Learn From This Training?

Exercises to develop proper skills in playing.  Some fretboard basics and a little music theory. Here is some of what training will teach you.

  • Strumming
  • Picking (w/speed in mind)
  • Vibrato and Bends
  • Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
  • Tapping
  • Harmonics

We will even get into using a looper as it is a great device for training and song writing.

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